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  • Payments
    • What is your payment model?
      We work on a CPM/CPC basis. It depends on quality and amount of your website’s traffic, history of working with PayClick. Most times we work on CPM basis and offer prepaid model.
    • When will I begin earning money?
      To begin earning money you should just register, install our widget and start earning!
    • How do you pay?
      Payments are made on a weekly basis. Minimum payout is 20 USD. We accept many payment methods: PayPal, Pioneer, Wire, Webmoney
    • What are your minimum CPM rates?
      RPM (revenue per mile) rates depend on many factors. Some of them are amount of the traffic, you have, quality of your audience, country you are operating in, and others. To count your CPM rates please contact your personal manager.
  • Widget installation and settings
    • How long will it take me to install the widget?
      It is very fast and simple - it takes 5 minutes. The process is the following: first you register, then choose the amount of ad blocks you want to put on your website and their size, and then our system automatically generates your JS code, which you need to add into your website’s code.
    • Can I adjust the widget?
      Yes, we have many options to customise your advertising. You just have to enter your membership panel and change font, colour, size, borders, background color and other options available.
    • What sizes of ads can I use?
      We have images of different sizes. There are square and rectangular banners, you can see all sizes in membership panel after registration.
    • Where do you usually recommend to put your ad blocks?
      Since we have native advertising, we strongly recommend to put ads near your main content to make them look native and get higher CTR.
  • Conditions and requirements
    • What should be a minimum traffic for my site to be accepted?
      We accept websites with not less than 100 thousand impressions per month. PayClick also reserves the right to block any website, if it contains inappropriate content, you can read more about it here
    • What is your fill rate?
      We buy 100% of your traffic, no matter what country you have your impressions from
    • Maximum number of ads, I can place on a page
      No limits
  • About PayClick advertising
    • How does your algorithm work? How do you make relevant ads?
      Our algorithms use data on who the visitors are, what context they are in, what they have read before, what online shopping history they have, what they share in social media etc. Based on this knowledge, we pick the most relevant content and product recommendations.
    • Can I look at some examples of your advertising?
      Yes, you can see some examples here.
    • Can you show only product ads?
      Yes, you can choose the type of ads shown on your website.
    • What is the difference between product recommendations and content recommendations?
      Based on visitor’s previous online behaviour, we define, what content the user will also want to read and make recommendation blocks. It is called content recommendations. Product recommendations works in the same way, but their goal is to show relevant products that visitors would like to purchase.
    • What is the CTR of your banners?
      CTR is very changeable metrics, it depends on many factors. But we can say for sure our CTR is much higher than ordinary display banners CTR. Usually it is 10 times higher and 10 times more effective.
  • Other questions
    • Can I contact you to ask more questions?
      Sure, you can contact us on the following phone number +6531636582 or send a message here
    • Google Analytics or your counter only?
      We use our counter to count impressions.
    • Do you work with https websites?
      Yes, we do.