• Prevent revenue loss with PayClick Anti-AdBlock solution

      All Publishers are facing major problems as Ad-blocking technology is going exponential throughout the years. Of course everyone expects receiving fair and stable income from their website, but something bigger stands in their way. According to the recent research, 615 million of devices use adblock in 2017. It means that ads on your page […]

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  • Gain much revenue from your website without shocking ads. Possible?

    It’s no secret that publishers often use shocking ads to attract visitors’ attention and, as a result, return higher CTR. Although such technique proved its effectiveness, PayClick Team is often asked if it is possible to avoid shocking or adult content without losing in publisher’s revenue. PayClick Experts are happy to provide a solution to […]

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  • Webmaster from Indonesia received $300 in PayClick Contest

    We continue to share feedback from our Winners in the recent PayClick Contest! One of the valuable prizes was received by Priskal Wijaya, our partner from Indonesia. He won $300 by placing an ad widget in the Sidebar of his local News website. Let’s learn some new monetization tips and tricks from those who succeed! 1. Please […]

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