What makes our advertising really effective

PayClick offers advertising in Native format – it means end users does not identify a widget as an ad due to its relevance to both their interests and the site’s content. This fact allows us to make on-site experience versatile and engaging. It also prevents scaring off visitors who have already had negative experience with inappropriate ads.

Here are some factors to consider when describing how we make our advertising really effective.

When a visitor enters a website, we already know a lot about him:

1.   Age group

2.   Gender

3.   Most frequent site categories visited

4.   Content they are interested in (for example: news, business development, tabloids or entertainment sites)

5.   Products used or bought over the Internet

6.   Search history

7.   Other online behaviour patterns

Our system automatically analyzes all the data above and generates an ad feed according to the user’s specific interests. It becomes available thanks to the careful selection of teasers which meet both publishers’ and advertisers’ requirements. A correctly installed and set up PayClick widget adapts organically to match content.

A webmaster´s main focus is developing their own web site thus attracting and capturing every visitor´s attention. Leave the rest to us! We will take care of implementing effective monetization tools and delivering income right to your personal account!