Prevent revenue loss with PayClick Anti-AdBlock solution


All Publishers are facing major problems as Ad-blocking technology is going exponential throughout the years. Of course everyone expects receiving fair and stable income from their website, but something bigger stands in their way. According to the recent research, 615 million of devices use adblock in 2017. It means that ads on your page are not shown to the visitors, which leads to dramatic CTR and Revenue drop.


This is a disaster as Publishers are losing billions of their hard-earned income to ad blockers. PayClick Ads Experts aim at stopping this injustice and defend its publishers worldwide! We have proved by running hundreds of tests that installing the Anti-AdBlock code brings our publishers 25% more revenue. While others share their income with ad blockers, monetize smart by applying our Rectangular ad format along with the Anti-AdBlock code!

Our Expert Team has developed an easy-to-use solution for recapturing lost revenue from your website or blog. On accessing your PayClick Admin panel choose “Install Antiadblock” in the Widget section (as shown on the screenshot below).


Copy the PayClick Anti-AdBlock code and paste it into the body of your website. That’s it! This is the easy, safe and absolutely free defense against losing money and sharing your revenue with ad-blockers, specially developed by our Team for PayClick publishers! Use this tool to the fullest to reclaim lost revenue on your site.

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