Gain much revenue from your website without shocking ads. Possible?

It’s no secret that publishers often use shocking ads to attract visitors’ attention and, as a result, return higher CTR. Although such technique proved its effectiveness, PayClick Team is often asked if it is possible to avoid shocking or adult content without losing in publisher’s revenue. PayClick Experts are happy to provide a solution to this problem and prove it with a case-study.

As a winner in the PayClick Contest, An Nhiên is happy to share her success story and useful monetization tips to help the aspiring community of webmasters. Her website is focused around educational content and is aimed at helping parents in Vietnam. As her audience is mainly women and those with children, ads must be filtered extremely carefully to avoid any inappropriate or shocking content.

“Previously I joined other ad networks”, says An Nhiên, “but it didn’t bring good results. Then I learned and decided to join Payclick for comparison. PayClick ads proved to be suitable for the audience of my site. That’s why I joined Payclick and will definitely stick with it.”

Vietnam Regional manager Anna Dang made sure no inappropriate, shocking or adult-targeted ads ever appeared on the website. PayClick Expert Team’s first priority is helping our publishers grow their revenue without putting off their audience with irritating ads. In other words, appear as Native towards the website content as possible. Of course, the ad widgets were set up in the most efficient way to maximize An Nhiên’s revenue.

As for the tips for Vietnamese fellow webmasters, our winner can suggest the following: “As my website has educational content, I can increase the traffic by extremely valuable articles. I understand what my visitors care about and provide them with quality content.”

When we asked about developments to work on in order to increase the quality of our services, An Nhiên suggested implementing and adding more details on affiliate program. We are happy to announce PayClick Referral Program finally live and functioning at its fullest. Don’t hesitate and register now to make money by referring others to our network:


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