Webmaster from Indonesia received $300 in PayClick Contest

We continue to share feedback from our Winners in the recent PayClick Contest! One of the valuable prizes was received by Priskal Wijaya, our partner from Indonesia. He won $300 by placing an ad widget in the Sidebar of his local News website. Let’s learn some new monetization tips and tricks from those who succeed!

1. Please tell us about your website: how you first started, your main focus, audience. How have you made your website a success?

To make a successful site, I have to make it as the as the best it could be, never stop to trying new ideas, niche separation is the most important things for me. Choose the most suitable niche which match with our passion. Post it with good language, updates the articles, optimize with SEO and share it.

2. Please tell us your monetization tips!

The easiest way to monetize blog is by choosing the audience target or demographist of your visitors. Choose advertisement which suitable with your niche blog, IMO payclick has the most suitable advertisement for my blog niche. Keep making good and informatives content do not forget to optimize and promote your site.

3. How do you like our features to adjust the design of ad blocks?

Features and design from PayClick widget is so simple and it makes my visitors fell comfort and will not be distributed by the widgets.

4. Do you like Support at PayClick?

Yes! I like PayClick support, fast responds, friendly manager and the most important is pays on time hehe 🙂

5. Any recommendations for other publishers?

For the other publishers, I suggest to join with payclick, why? Because payclick has so many advantages, like: payclick has strict regulations for collaborations however it is so easy to register with Payclick without any specific requirements and there is no necessity for having large traffic to regeisters with payclick network. Besides Payclick also always pay on time, so payclick is far from scam. Payclick is one more solution to get money from internet besides google a*** 🙂

As the first Contest drew to a close, we’d like to thank all the participants and announce the second Contest to begin very soon. Make sure you Like and FollowPayClick on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch, be the first to participate and win even more money!