Vietnamese News website won $1000 from PayClick

PayClick Team is very excited to announce the Ultimate Contest Winner! Our trusted publisher Huỳnh Tân Đạt from Vietnam has won $1000 directly to his PayClick account. Congratulations and sincere thanks for successful collaboration with our network! We are glad to share our Winner’s feedback and some monetization tips from the first hands:

1. Please tell us about your website: how you first started, your main focus, audience. How have you made your website a success?

At first, I worked really hard on creating and promoting a number of Facebook groups, focused on News & Entertainment. I tried and tested different techniques of promoting my content, but this method proved to return greater results. This is how I gain audience for my website. I owe my success to my friends and my teacher. Without their continuous help and support I wouldn’t be able to make this amount of money online.

2. Please tell us your monetization tips!

Sharing is Caring! I read and monitor a great amount of News & Entertainment websites. That’s how I generate content for my website – by sharing engaging information from all over the world with people from my country. The key to success is publishing fresh news really fast.

3. How do you like our features to adjust the design of ad blocks?

I really like everything about adjusting ad blocks. I like the freedom PayClick provides to its webmasters. You can really adjust everything to your liking and set the widget up to fit your website perfectly. I’d also like to mention that my personal manager Ann is always ready to provide her expert opinion and tips on how to increase the CTR and revenue of my widgets. Nice job!

4. Do you like Support at PayClick?

Fantastic support is provided by my personal regional manager Anna Dang. She is always very nice and responds to my inquiries every day, any time. Anna is from Vietnam, and I can speak my native language with her. Other networks only provide English-speaking assistants, and my English is not that good which makes communication difficult. At PayClick I always get quality response with in-depth knowledge of the local market.

5. Any recommendations for other publishers?

I started making money with PayClick recently, and I like everything from payment process to awesome support. In order to make money online you really have to invest much time into quality website content. Don’t just copy and paste a piece of info, it will not return the good results you expect. Instead, re-write it in your own words or express your personal opinion about the issue, and this will return better SEO rankings. Great content brings engaged audience from all the sources: social, google,mail etc. I like the way PayClick works only with quality publishers. Let’s collaborate together to make real money! It will be really profitable for both ends.

As the first Contest drew to a close, we’d like to thank all the participants and announce the second Contest to begin very soon. Make sure you Like and Follow PayClick on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch, be the first to participate and win even more money!