Why Go Native in 2017

You’ve spent countless hours, tremendous efforts and heaps of money to attract and engage visitors on your website? Any chance you’re looking for a brand new way to make well-deserved profit out of it? This study is aimed at helping every aspiring webmaster, publisher or marketer climb on top of their niche and make great money along the way. Stay tuned as Experts on Native Advertising reveal their tried and tested techniques, so that YOU can apply it like thousands of PayClick webmasters before!

Why Go Native

We should be really grateful that making money online through blog or website is available to everyone these days. Thanks to a great amount of monetization tools ready at our hands current day webmaster can focus on developing content, designing graphics and building traffic. It’s only fair that your hard-earned income should come regularly and in generous amounts. All of us webmasters will eventually face a life-defining question of smart monetization strategy. Let’s have a look at what PayClick Experts on Native Advertising have to say.

It’s no secret that Advertising industry is undergoing major change. Everyone is sick and tired of banners, pop-ups and annoying offers cluttering everything in sight making your precious web surfing time miserable. But at the same time we can’t survive without ad placement because in this case all of our coffee-fueled-site-building efforts will bring zero profit. Bearing in mind all said above, does a way to both make money and attract visitors at the same time really exist? Yes! And PayClick Native Ads Experts are ready to prove it to you.

Ad Formats Explained

Banners, pop-ups and pop-unders set aside, what other advertising solutions are you familiar with? Being an experienced user or the webmaster community freshman, no way you’ve never come across so-called Recommendation or Around the Web sections on certain websites. These ad widgets serve as a monetization tool which bring webmasters handsome daily income.

Let’s dig a little deeper and reveal what factors have contributed to making Native the hottest trend in digital advertising.

1. High CTR (click-through rate)

The vital factor affecting a webmaster’s income is called CTR (click-through rate). It estimates how much visitors to your site are willing to engage and interact with an ad. In a nutshell, the higher the CTR, the greater income flows into your account.

Average CTR had been on the decline for years. The general trend shows us that the more companies spent on display advertising throughout the years, the more dramatically CTR dropped. Since 2009 banner ad CTRs have slid to an average of 0.04 percent, making this format inefficient due to very low returns. As for Popups, they are believed to generate a much higher CTR as compared to other formats. But don’t get confused: a huge amount of clicks goes to waste due to so-called misclick (when a user tries to close an ad and clicks on it instead by mistake). Meanwhile, the average CTRs for Native format remained as high as 2.3% (according to PayClick.com statistics) with minimum misclick rate.

2. Anti Ad-Block solutions

As the market becomes over-saturated with ads of different formats, new innovative solutions are developed to minimize their presence on the web. According to the IAB report, 26% of desktop users and 15% of mobile consumers use ad-block software or browser extensions to remove ads from websites. No worries, Native ads remain safe & sound: this format comes with an anti ad-block solution, thus making money from every ad impression.

3. “Banner Blindness” is no threat

Not only technology is aimed at eliminating ads, but apparently human psychology too. Perception of a web page has changed dramatically over time: ordinary users developed a phenomenon called “banner blindness”, which prevents ads from even being noticed. Hitting “close” button on a popup or simply ignoring a banner is our natural reaction while web surfing. But ads in Native format blend in the site content perfectly, so that an ordinary user is not able to recognise them as paid promotion. Users pay as much attention to them as they would to an engaging piece of content.

4. Satisfying User Experience

Everyone looks for a greater, deeper, more thrilling experience while on the Web. No wonder anything that distracts us from really engaging content brings out frustration and negativity. “Anything” in the situation above is usually represented by Advertising. On the contrary, a well-executed Native ad delivers the kind of experience we are looking for, rather than distracting from it.

PayClick Experts are dedicated to help webmasters all around the world roll great revenues from their websites with Native Ads. Only 5 minutes of setup time – and Recommendation widget as described above already earns money directly to your personal account. Being a PayClick partner not only guarantees you steady income, but also makes you the first to know shortcuts to online success from industry Experts. Some of the tips & tricks that PayClick publishers already take advantage of are going to be revealed in our Blog.